all i want to do is go to a beach with you.
riding an old car, facing the sun.
listen to a holiday mixtapes.
drinking cold stout from the bottle.
sharing cigarettes.
feel the wind blows in our hair.
acompanied by the mosquitos.
laughing to a friends jokes.
maybe we're not even talking to each other.
i'll steal a glimpse from your eyes.
i'll try to fall asleep on your shoulder.
maybe you'll caught me smiling.
we'll be tired and stop at nowhere.
if we're traped on fog, turn the beam lamp on.
we'll catch cold, but we're too excited to care about it.
we eat anything we want.
i'll be too happy to be hungry.
i want to sleep on the sand, watching the stars.
i know i'll get bored eventualy, but you're already falling asleep.
shall we build a tent?
i would love to watch the sunrise with you, too.
collecting shells that i know would be useless.
i'd love to steal a scene from you.
taking photos together.
i know i'll fall in love with you.

who are you?

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