guitar vs bass

Lately.. i have to admit i've been easily seduced by a the sound of a distorted guitar. Beforehand, i'm more a punched-by-a-dope-bassline type of girl. I don't know if any of you experienced it before, but more or less ; it felt like somebody invisible pinch your back bone, and you have a heartburn. It gets you high without any substance. *cat's grin*

I repeat Earthless over and over. And constantly having a heartburn. That's when i realized i was seduced by guitar distortion. That happens 3 days ago. Now i'm wondering why...

Will my love to any dopey bassline dissapear? Or is this just a temporary crush? Will this change affect my preferable bass player to guitar player? Will this improve my love life? la la la~

Dominic Simper of Tame Impala

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