Fine. i'll say it quick : HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR EVERYONE.

anyone here loves talking to yourself while driving?

please, don't make me feel like a lonesome lunatic here.

well, i do, for quite such an obvious reason ; it's fun. and it does help me concentrate. and it make me feels less lonely. i brainstorm with myself. and no one is arguing. i sing, with nothing to be shamed for. solitude is a t o t a l b l i s s.

screw on 2012 resolutions! i know i'll make one eventually, and accomplished 70% of it. i used to write '
a boyfriend, perhaps' on EVERY-FUCKING-NEW-YEAR resolutions. until i finally gave in. boyfriend or no boyfriend, i'll live. i'll be happy. new job, family, friends, more money, more bands, more flirtations, fuck you boyfriend. you and the happiness you promise me, which i could get from a hot fling. aren't being single is lovely? FUCK YOU NEW YEAR!! sorry, can't help the 'fuck' thing. it's the immensity of the fuck i do not give.

have you met my latest crush? his name is Sebastian Akchote, his stage name is SebastiAn (yes, with capital A, this is not a typo case) a pretty well known artist from le french Ed Banger Records, and he's HOT. STEAMING HOT.
i would totally loved to fuck him. e v e r y d a y~
OK. Moving on with this hasty mind. Either i happened to have too much stuff on my brain right now, or i simply can't focus on 1 thing. How's life been treating you lately? In my case, they treat me with lots of choices, in a nice way. LOTS of concert choices. Hello, am i the only one panicking here? Laneway (with 10-ish artist in it), Royksopp, Death Cab For Cutie, and god knows what next. You may laugh at me to be frantic over concerts, but hey there are girls who addicted over shoes! I think concerts are more reasonable.

However there are choices to be made, things prior than others, i'll make mine soon. Have a joyous and prosperous years ahead! Doom / no doom, live this year like theres no years ahead! Kissous!!

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