14.04.11 [2]

So, yesterday i made my self stumbled to Splashing Colours event, starring Sketsa, White Shoes and The Couples Company, and The Adams. The event took places at Bandung Giri Gahana pool area, a golf place in Jatinangor. I've been there before, but last time i visited the place was on 2003 when i was on Junior High School because my father took part on that place projects as a civil engineer or something. I remember the place vaguely, and there are this new road to get there so i was confused. So i ended up made the wrong turn, turn back, then made another wrong turn that took me almost to Sumedang, turn back again and finally arrived on this long, ascending and dark road that lead to the venue.

Good things i arrived right when WSATCC started their performances, so i don't have to wait for too long. Bad things i made my friends waiting for almost an hour waiting for me to get there. Sorry :-(

As usual WSATCC performances were never dissapointing. Started with Windu Devrina, their lead singer, Nona Sari , always mesmerized me with her attractive yet not tacky moves. And her voice were never beyond pitch. Purrrrrrfeccttt. I watched them performing 'Aksi Kucing' for several times already, but it never failed to made me smile. The backing vocal singing 'meong meong' always had me laughing. And i never get bored singing along. The sound system were fine, at the very important i could hear the keyboard sound, all the tree of it. The vocal and backing vocal sound also clear, even the sound of Nona Sari snapping her finger could be heard. Overall it's a better sound system than it was at KOC on Sabuga. I do admit they're one of Indonesian finest band.

The next band i watched is The Adams. I have never watched them performing live, but i've been listening to their records since 2006, and some of their songs were my favourite until now. I love them when they're singing like a choir. Not at their perfect pitch maybe, but it's nice anyway. Nearly burst into tears when they're singing 'Konservatif'. And Ale may talk so much, but he is so funny and entertaining i don't mind after all. Their sound engineer -if they had any- may not doing his jobs since their sound changing everytime, and yes it's rather disturbing.

Overall, it is a nice event on such a faraway nice places, held on a rainy day, but i'm happy. :-)

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