oh dear

what's the differences between K-Pop listener to electronic music listener? The clothes? The behaviour? Why is it one being called 'korean wave' and the other one 'edgy' ? Why don't we call it 'electronic wave' ?

I guess it's the devotion of those K-pop artist fans that makes them grew so fast, faster than fungus on a raining season. I admit the korean hardcore fans are giving so much effort, a whole lot much than - let's just say - electronic music fans. Even as i am speaking, if i heard telepopmusik come to Indonesia, first thing i'm going to do is not buying their concert's ticket : i'm going to look for a freepass. DOH. Being compared to those 'korean wave' die hard spirit, i felt ashamed. Besides, i am secretly enjoying some of those Korean Variety Show. But I don't think I could afford my self being addicted to some k-pop. It's gonna cost me a lot much to watch them live in concert than Chemical Brothers, i guess. Uh, i'm talking about the crowd. imagine die get trampled over bunch of girls high heels screaming "AAAAAAAAA!!".

i'll wear fat boy slim's tshirt with pride.

i'm not sure i could do the same with CN Blue's tshirt. *but i kinda like yong hwa*

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