Indonesian people sure know how to scuttle the existence of corteous civilization. Here, I won't converse about something delirious, either utter delinquent matters. I'll simply told you about my chronicle, on the weald of steels, called "highway".

We, the noble Indonesian people, are highly proficient on establish a peevishness while you're driving. We (by the term 'we', i do mean the pedestrian) could traverse the street anywhere we like, and we don't care whether the vehicle we're about to block are running on 70 mph and we're standing less than 100m from them, which with prosperous luck, could lead us straight to heaven ; or in some unfortunate case : permanent defect. Sometimes, we even overpass them on unbelieveably retarded rate of speed, without even a glance to the road.

Wait, that's not our only power.

Give us a conveyance, and soon enough you'll realize ; providing Israel with nuclear weapon is not the world's biggest problem. Our most treasured gear on the street called motorcycle. There's few reason why we pick this destructive entity as our common favourites vehicle. Firstly ; it's cheap. With only 50$ / months installment, it could be yours. Secondly ; it doesn't exert much gasoline - which fit perfectly with our monthly stipend! And last but not least ; it's easy to be used. Now that most of it comes in automatic gears, it's even handier to use than bicycle.

With merely enough space between 2 cars, we could easily slink in - without even any expostulation. Did we inadvertently hatch your rear mirror? Oooops. But wait, we're not familiar with this foreign word called 'stop', since we have the ability to slither away. Within 15 seconds, you'll lose our trails.

You haven't know our prime aptitude yet. We're not affraid of barriers! Yeah right, concrete barriers! We know, we know, those barriers supposedly were made to keep us on the right lane. But we're impatient! "Oh look, the other side of the roads are clear, why can't we go there?" And we do this often ; we're driving against the tide! Yes, on 2 way lane, oftentimes we're crossing the opposites direction, even without lamp and helmet. If we get hit, of course we'll blame the biggest vehicle among us.

Now that you're ken with the sovereignity you could get along by driving one motorcycle, imagine what we could do in troop? We could only hope you drive indulgently. Alas, we've became wonted with those tonguelashing you did.

On the other side, richer people that could afford a four wheels vehicle are not much better than the rest of us. Their only disadvantages are their weapon is bigger ; so it takes more space and skills to do such maneuver. Oh, you haven't met their worst leader yet ; the public transportation's drivers. They only look on to the left side of the street, searching for an occupant to be carried. So, if you ever been so unlucky to be driving behind them, i hereby suggest you not to take their left side.

But, being a driver of a rusty cabriolet myself, cars, however horrible the drivers are, much more manageable than motorcycle. Yes we often drive while text messaging, along with other things we know we shouldn't do, such driving under influences, over the limit speed, using headphones etc., *once i even suspect a man driving while reading a book!* But, without any intention to plead, we're more vigilant than our decorous friends motorcycle driver. See, it'll cost us more to repair than to be cautious.

Pardon my rants, i write this in the state of numbness, which was unusual - since i only do writing on either ecstatic / desolate circumstancess. But what i wrote was true, it is my everyday impression on the road for almost 4 years now, and each year it's getting worse. That's why driving on peak hours is scathing, but returning over midnight are not safe either. Luckily not much foreigner drive in Indonesia (i clearly do not count Bali as Indonesia for obvious reasons). Otherwise, i could only envisage how they would sue our government for being lack of such concern. Or maybe they should do, so the world aware about how neglectful our ministry are. They witness none of these things, since they were escorted everywhere they go.

Last but not least :

Please do not encourage your brother / sister / friend / family to buy a motorcycle. (personal prefferences). Thank you.

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