oh well

i've never been an assertive kind of person on the first place.
yes looks can be deceiving.

although i have a dirty mouth to speak the unspokeable swear, i couldn't really say what i've been meaning to.

i know i write this on my PMS week.
btw you could skip this post if you wanted to, nothing important here. hmm, watched !!! and Tame Impala last weekend. been listening to !!! for quite a long time. yet they played none of my favourite songs. kinda dissapointed.

On the other hand, i've never listen to any of Tame Impala's song, except Lucidity, which i found on my office PC, because my previous co-worker put it there. Well well well. A lot of my friends love Tame Impala. Usually they described it as 'pshycedelic-rock-that-would-perfectly-suits-you-when-you're-stoned-just-like-their-cover-album'. Not an interesting description. So, with free ticket on my hands, i went to Beatfest 2011 with only knowing 1 song of them.

After !!! turned me down, i almost thinking to go home. Nothing to lose after all. But then i've got caught in situation where supossedly i have to drive my co-workers home, all the way to Bandung because they're *yeah* too drunk. I know, i know. Hold your comment. Another unnecessary inisiative, yeah. BUT THEN, Tame Impala caught my ear. Remember, i never listen to any of their songs except Lucidity as i told you before. But they're good. They're immensely-*pardon my languange*-fucking-good. All those rhytm changing, all those perfectly-put-effects, their stage attitude, was perfect to my mind.

On one of their song, which i can't recall what song it is, i automatically take my pick, then air-bass-ing their bassline. Fall in love with the bassist automatically *smirk*. Oh yes those Australian lads stole my ear on the first place.
After the show all my co-workers dissapeared. I was left there alone to foster my boss. heaaaahh. None of them replied to my messages. Turned out they're on the backstage, queueing for Tame Impala's autograph.

So i went to the backstage, too. I got my ticket and pick to be sign be their bassist, yes their bassist only, that after i googled later named Nick Allbrook. So he sign both my ticket and pick, we chatted a long, HE ASKED WHAT BAND I'VE BEEN LISTEN TO RECENTLY, and stammeredly i answered Serena Maneesh and Sleep Party People, THEN HE PUNCHED MY SHOULDER because he didn't know them. (i take that as a compliment) We talked about few Danish bands, both of us familiar with Oh No Ono. My friend said he's a relative of Twin Shadow's vocalist. Yes, he confirmed it. Sure i take picture with him. Shitty pic, won't post it here. Fuck i forget to give him my card. *pardon my languange one more time*. I'm going home with a wide grin on my face.

Going back to Bandung, had cold shower after got my thigh burnt by the unpleasant sunlight. Cook comfort meals, had a nap, read The Virgin Suicides, sleep for the next 8 hours. Fine weekend.

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