theres always a sad story behind every drawing. just so you know.

1. What doesn't kill you only makes you  c y n i c a l.
2. Italians sure know how to entertain.
     2a. Which cause me start thinking about Australian.
3. I despise people in love.
4. Love is just a game that i have no interest to play.
     4a. This game of chase is driving me mad.
           4b. Let us all be primitive and say what we truly feel, like the way it goes before someone invent the word "LIE"
                4b-1. I'll start it. I  M I S S   Y O U .
5. The phenomenon of "I could love you" is heart-wrenching, simply because it is universal and inescapable.
6. Why does it easier to remember the pain this people cause rather than the joy they bring?

this too, shall pass. i know.
i would like to know when.

i wish i were insensible.

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