My mind told me so.

Tonight, you're not gonna peek into Facebook™ messenger to see whether he's active or not. NO. Knowing that he's active but not saying hi to you only going to make you feel misserable. Yet, seeing that he's mobile, while re-reading your previous conversations only tempt you to say hi. And if you're not getting any reply, we both know you'll feel miserable too.

No. Step away from that phone now. Let it be charged graciously. Put that phone down, and go back to your nest ; where piles of book and scattered paper waiting for you.

Oh no. You're peeking his twitter account. Yes, it's not his facebook profile but seeing his conversations with his friends won't make you feel better either. You'll only ache for more. Close that profile now. Good.

NO, DON'T TWEET ANYTHING. Don't give him any hint that you care. In his mind, you don't exist, and you shouldn't be on his timeline too.

Tsk. You're tweeting his favourite song. You know he's not going to reply anyway. WHY BOTHER?

Ok now you're feeling ignored and miserable. I suggest we open that bottle of wine, and play SongPop while your mind wander to another country.

Gee, you're looking at that photo, again. Will you give it a rest?

I give up. I should've known better that love is blind, dumb and deaf. I'll be right here for you though, when that miserable moment come. And no, i promise you I'm not going to say, "I told you so."

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  1. suits season 2 uda kluar loh. *trus ga nyambung.