never had, never will

alasan menulis postingan kali ini :

1. direquest secara spesial oleh nona Dessy Fapiola. (terimakasih, aku diam-diam terharu.)
2. sedang menunggu update-an iOS yang udah mah bikin semua media ilang (my bad, nggak pernah back up data) , lamanya setengah mati.

so. here we rowwllll.

bentar. masih kesel harus nungguin donlotan update iOS. masalahnya updatenya di kantor. dan sekarang sudah jam 10. dammit.

ok. here we rowwllll again.

*you guys all sucks. i'm rawks.*

1. Munchausen Trilemma masuk 2 nominasi kategori ICEMA 2012. (Best Indie Pop Song and Favourite Group Band/Duo.) ICEMA itu apaan sich? ICEMA itu Indonesian Cutting Edge Music Award. (yea, cutting edge abeess guwe) ICEMA-nya sendiri kontroversial sih ; ada yang setuju, ada yang nganggep apeu. Tapi band yang masuk nominasi sih biasanya seneng-seneng aja. 

VOTE DONG. disini nih : 
Terlepas dari bakal menang atau enggaknya, seperti biasa kaum hawa ini lebih mikirin baju apa yang bakal dipake di awarding night. YEA RITEEE.

2. If you EVER think being an apparel designer (i don't have the guts to call myself a 'fashun' designer) is easy, please....... think again. I'll be gladly taking my shoes off and give 'em to you, as long as i'll have 'em back clean and shiny. ALL THESE BUSINESS PLANS AND MARKETING STRATEGIES!!! MONETARY MATTERS!! *sobs*

But that rare moment when you spot a stranger wearing your design is indeed, priceless.

3.  The Prodigy is coming to KL...... and if you ever had to dance with loads of sweaty tamil, you knew why I'm having a zillionth thoughts to watch 'em. BUT IT'S THE PRODIGY. BUT... Maybe I should watch 'em in Melbourne. *smirk*

4. Talking bout Melb... nevermind. I'll write a song about it. YES, A FUCKIN SONG. And y'all have to weep. WEEP WITH ME. WEEP WITH ME. WEEP MUTHAFUCKAAAAA.

5. Or to take things to another level, I'll make a collections themed 'Weep' instead. Now we're talking. Ha-Ha. However, I miss him. I miss those sporadic messages that made my morning. Yepyepyepyep WHATEVAAA.

6. Last sentences. I don't need your pity. I've got my band, brand, and an occasional cherry flavoured night time. I'm going to make it raaaaiinnnn~ kthxbye~

btw. appx 70 min. remaining of my download. *insert middle finger here*

****quick update : the time is 00:25 and i'm still here. iTunes said they're restoring from back up. Will I ever get those photos back? *crossing fingers*

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  1. THANK YOU. *senyum senyum manis
    btw, who is no 5?