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I don't have the slightest idea of what love is. It could be the first thing that pop on your mind once you wake up. It could be the last thing that linger when you go to sleep.

Love is addictive. It's the caffeine that jolt your morning up when everything else fails you. It's the painkiller you took when you're aching. It's the comfort that you seek on a rainy night.

Love is misery. It's the one that keeps you awake because you're living in a different time zone. It's the one that awaken your curiousity, even when you know it could kill you. Your mind start drifting and before you know you're stumbling.

Love is happiness. One message could put a smile upon your face for days. One touch could send a shiver down your spine. It's the light you see at the end of your dark tunnel. The one that you want to hold on for your dear life for no particular reasons.

Love is money. The one you spend on fancy items because you wanted to be seen at your best. The sum on your saving accounts never seems enough to buy those airline tickets (because once again you live in different country). The credits on your phone depleting fast because you took that cross-atlantic calls. 

Love is a two sided swords. Those comforting message that you seek  never seem to come. Those happy memories that once cherish you seems like happened BC. Those late skype calls never seems to last long enough because one of you eventually need to sleep.

One never supposed to talk about love. Your eyes will eventually get teary. Those smiles wears off. You outgrow your significant others feelings. You keep thinking that theres an end you have to face. 

You ought to stop thinking about love as a personifications to your admired object. You could start loving your job, your iPod's playlist, your bucket list, or your dreams. You should start loving them, because it requires no return.

But if you happen to love someone, be in love with someone that likes your photo even when you looked ugly in it. Be in love with someone who's not affraid to correct your mistakes, even when they don't know how you'll react. Be in love with someone who protect you, someone who doesn't give your number to someone else, because they actually affraid that person is going to take advantages of you. Someone who chose to watch you perform over an important football match. Someone who will text you in the morning to ask where you are, because last night they couldn't walk you home when both of you get wasted. Someone who's willing to take an evening stroll just because you're bored, even when they're tired. Someone who's willing to hang with your friends, a total strangers to them.

Being in love, no matter how bad the results may turn, is good for your soul. And no love is ever be the same, so stop comparing. And here we are. Again.

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