RIP 2012

thanks for all the good memories.
thanks for all lesson learned.
thanks for making the last 12 months unforgettable. (well, several of them)
thanks for all the bottles, shoes and jewelleries thrown, sober or drunk.
thanks for all free tickets and invitations.
thanks for all photos with famous people taken.
thanks for all the money i made and thrown within weeks after i made them.
thanks for all the opportunities i could get.

thanks for all the friends i made.

thanks for all the friends i managed to keep.

thanks for all the crushed and blown away hearty moments.

i love 2012.

i won't say "2013 is mine" and all the bullshit.
let's just see.

heres to a better, healthier life.
heres to a merrier gigs and parties. (i'm soon to be 24 y.o and half ashamed half happy to spell the word p-a-r-t-y)
heres to more songs to be made.
heres to an album on the go.
heres to more CALF's collections.
heres to my very own website.
heres to every free stuffs i could get and give.
heres to new travel designations.
heres to a new friends to be made.
heres to every old friends i want to keep.
heres to few enemy i would or could forgive. (well, enemy is a big word)

i love rory phillips. i love RAC mix. 

thank you for a merry NYE we've thrown and all those who came. (especially yea yea yearrrghhhh fufufu)

see you on the next post, have a blast!

best regards,

rxxa uxxxi

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