1. Those fragments that you take is the amount of what it takes to make my heart whole.

2. Because at the end of the day, sometimes all you wanna do is curled up like a fetus and cry.

3. We're all looking for a hand to stroke this head, to offer the comfort we can't buy.

4. What the fuck you're holding my hand that night for. Knowing you'll be flying off in the next 6 hours?

5. Don't open your soul if you can't close the door.

6. No matter how hard I laughed earlier today, when I'm alone I could barely hold the feelings together.

7. When you're having PMS, stay away from any social media. 
You're on the verge of damaging yourself and others.
And they don't miss you anyway. 
And you're not seeking for attention, only some emotion releases, aren't you?
We've been there.
We all have.

Dear Mother Nature, can't you just text me "Hey, you're not pregnant this month.", instead of messing up with my hormones? I don't need all these ups and downs. And neither does my friends and colleagues.

(((was written on the state of an accute Premenstrual Syndrome attack)))


  1. agree on whatever it is related to the PMS-sy thing.

    1. PMS : aneh tapi (sayangnya) nyata dan harus kita hadapi sebulan sekali. BOO.