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sounds i've been digging on lately : (click on title for links)

Don't be so shocked, yes, i've been listening to quite a gigantrous number of *ehm* r 'n b & hip-hop lately. Oh but they're not the kind of 50cent/rihanna/j-lo-ish kind of music. Please, bear the 'tittle' and have a little faith on my 'oh-apalah-artinya-hamba-di-dunia-ini' musical taste. Hope you enjoy them as much as i did! (still do)

1. Ta-Ku - When I Met You
OH. THIS. IS. GREAT. Till we meet again, you! In the meantime, this is what keeps my shoulder pumping.

2. Ta-Ku - Brokeas
Remember TLC - No Scrubs? Now hear how this one damn fine Perth based mistahhh took samples from it and creating a whole new sounds.

3. Shlohmo - Don't Say No (feat. How To Dress Well)
Till we meet again, you! [2] In the meantime, this is what keepin me weepin.

4. James Blake - Digital Lion
Still need a description? Just click on the damn title already. You should feel what I feel, oh but you shouldn't take what i take. (It's illegal). ((judging me is illegal too)).

5. J-Louis - All About The Panties (That Mara Hruby Flow)
Oh, i'll take it slow, we'll still be here for quite a while. Becyek becyeeekk.

6. D.I.M - Go!
A perfect soundtrack for throwing bricks at those goddamn bastard side mirror banger motorcycle driver. Let's go.

7. Chrome Sparks - Marijuana
Even without the title, this song is still damn trippy. Remember, my people, we're all neurochemically vulnerable..........

If you like them too, beg on me first and i'll give you some more sounds. HA.
If you don't, well.... please try to.


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