Things I have to tell myself again and again and again

1. Some people reserved themselves to hear what they wanted to hear, and turned their back against whatever is not.

2. I need to identify those people immediately in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes which usually leaves deep cut on both sides.

3. I should never tell them what's on my mind. They could never accept my point of view because they judged me already but it's their loss. I'll save some energy, too.

4. I have no need to explains myself / excuse my actions. Those who dislike me would never get it through their ears, and those who knows me wouldn't need it in the first place.

5. I could never please everyone, stop trying.

6. Your mood should not dictates your manner.

7. Stones are stones. No matter how long you soak them in water, they'll be stones forever.

8. You could never understand some people's way of thinking no matter how hard you tried and analyse, stop trying.

9. Despising something deeply but trying to stay polite = constantly holding yourself from rolling your eyes back and forth. (((Yet on your mind you rolled them so hard you could almost see Saturn's satellites.)))

10. Yes, I've changed and that doesn't happened overnight. (((rolling eyes back and forth)))

11. Yet some people don't.

12. We're all battling a different war. Please, please, please, stop thinking that your pain / misery is the greatest one of all.

13. If you think the neighbours have better stuffs, something's wrong with your house. Have a little pride of yourself.

If this post makes you think I'm a self-centered asshole, please refer to point #4 then assess your future demeanour towards me.

Good night, have a decent rest.

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